Your Life in Perspective

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Although there has been a remarkable increase in the standard of living, the quality of life has deteriorated. Stress and strain consume humanity. One needs to learn to manage one’s inner personality. Self Management ensures a peaceful and progressive life.

Event Schedule

  • 08:00 Lecture
  • 09:15 Q&A Session
  • 09:30 Session concludes


People do not realise the beauty and grandeur of real work. They entertain worldly motives to work. Join us and learn the blue print to right action. 

Happier Living

Happiness seems to elude us. Gain clarity as to what happiness is and where it can be found. Through an unselfish approach in life, one can begin one’s journey to a life of sustained joy.


Most people equate spirituality with discarding life’s pleasures and leaving worldly duties behind. Prepare to broaden your horizons on the role of action in your life and how it will be your ticket to spiritual evolution.

Put your life under a microscope.


Week 1: Examining Life

Week 2: The Search for Happiness

Week 3: Dynamic Action, Peaceful Living

You are the one constant in your life. But who are you? 

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