Unleash Your Magic: Youth talk

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Unaware of our potential, we fail to think independently and merely follow a mechanical path defined for us by family, education and society. As a result, our true personality remains hidden.

Event Schedule

  • 10:25 Registration & Seating
  • 10:30 Lecture begins
  • 11:45 Q&A Session
  • 12:00 Session concludes

To Be or Not To Be

Shakespeare’s timeless words highlight the consequence of being consumed by emotion and therefore unable to make sound judgement. We are constantly faced with the dilemma of making choices. To do so, humans are blessed with the intellect.

Are you intelligent or intellectual?

Intelligent and knowledgeable personalities have succumbed to the incessant demands of the mind. They lose control. The intellect alone can control the mind.  Develop your intellect.

Raise Yourself

When you know what’s right why do you do what’s wrong?! The choices you make can be beneficial or destructive to your well-being. Make use of the knowledge in this lecture to raise yourself.

Learn who you are and unleash your magic.

Schooling and higher education provides us with knowledge of the world. However, despite the vast amounts of information available to us, we remain uneducated about ourselves and our role in life. 

Awaken your true potential.

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