Resolutions to Realities

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Resolutions are an attempt to motivate oneselves to achieve important personal goals. So what is it that prevents us from doing what we have decided we ought to do in life? Why can’t we follow through with our plans when we have an earnest desire to reach our objectives?

Join us to find out how to remain steadfst in the pursuit of success.

Event Schedule

  • 09:45 Arrival and registration
  • 10:00 Talk begins
  • 11:00 Q & A session
  • 11:30 Event Concludes

Grandeur of self-discipline

Moderation and regulation of  sensual enjoyments ensures a life of continued happiness and enjoyment of the world. Self-control is not self-denial. What then is control?

Consistency of Purpose

When your actions are focused in one direction, there is power. Like water flowing in one direction with strength generates electricity.

Learn to Win

We all seek success, yet it seems to favour some more than others. Understand the impeccable play of cause and effect, learn the method of right action and cultivate the future of your dreams.

Achieve success in 2020

The lack of development of the intellect causes the mind to run wild into the extremities of living and suffer the consequences thereof

Swami Parthasarathy
Philosopher / Author

Make 2020 the year to be a better YOU!

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