New Year New You: Vedanta for Life

Start your year on the right foot

Public lecture by Radhika Sen

  • Sunday 26 Jan 2020
  • 10:00 - 11:00
  • 46 Hambridge Ave
  • Free Admission

Achieve your goals. Attain success. Be the best you this year!

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The knowledge of Vedanta enunciates the principles which govern human life. It draws one to the innermost core of the personality where true peace and happiness reside.  
Vedanta belongs to one and all. Its universal application appeals to those who seek to unfold the Truth. 

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Happier Living

Happiness seems to elude us. Gain clarity as to what happiness is and where it can be found. Through an unselfish approach in life, one can begin one’s journey to a life of sustained joy.

Learn to Win

We all seek success, yet it seems to favour some more than others. Understand the impeccable play of cause and effect, learn the method of right action and cultivate the future of your dreams.

Raise Yourself

We sabotage ourselves daily, most of the time without even being aware. What would life be like if we could unlock our full potential? Understand the avenues that sap your performance and how to avoid them.

Achieve success in 2020

Make 2020 the year to be a better YOU!

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